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Various Obama Programs Which Allow Mothers to Easily Return to School With All Expenses Paid

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Mothers who seek to rejoin the workforce or start new careers have many options to earn a degree or vocational training. There are also several subsidy programs, some operated by government agencies that can help mothers to finance their education.

As a mother who has not able to finish a degree, the probability of having a well paid job to sustain the needs of your family is very thin compared to mothers who have one. In our society education is a determining factor in how far we can go, the more education you have, will lead to greater success.

Obama’s Moms Return to School Program

President Barack Obama’s “Moms Return to School” program gives a federal Pell grant for mothers who wish to pursue a college or university education. The scores for the subsidy into account the needs of mothers who often have to care for their children during their studies.

Making Sacrifices

And being a mother with all the accompanying responsibilities to you, is not an easy task without the possibility of returning to school, but if you think about the long-term benefits that this can serve you, it is worth making some sacrifices.

Receive the Education of Your Dreams

With the scholarship program designed by the Obama administration, the situation of each mom no matter how busy your daily routine is, can be adjusted. This will help you to receive the education that you have always dreamed of.

What Expenses Are Included?

The government will pay for you to go back to school with the help of Obama paying for all expenses related to your education and may even help pay for some of your personal accounts. Tuition fees, books and other educational materials and other things related to your studies will be paid by the government with a cash subsidy.

Online Studies Available

Obama has coordinated with several colleges and universities and offers online courses to meet moms needs with thousands of courses available. Moms can study at home using a computer and an internet connection with flexible hours. So even if you are very busy every day, you can allot a few minutes when you are free to check the online modules.

Part Time Studies

Therefore, mothers can receive the subsidy, but only for part-time studies. The grantee must study in a program to obtain the degree or certificate or associate’s degree. Those interested should fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education

Continuous training of teachers for the (TEACH) School and Higher Education program provides grants to mothers and other students who plan to study toward a teaching certification. The grantee must commit for four years of teaching at a recognized school that serves low-income families.

Body Health For Mothers

This scholarship allows mothers to pursue a career in a medical profession in high demand, such as nursing, dental assistance or doctor. Recipients must work in a priority area for the Department of Health and Human Services for four years.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant

Mothers whose financial situation is of low income can apply for this scholarship. The FSEOG provides assistance to students who demonstrate exceptional financial need. This can help those that don’t have much to get the education they need.