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Learn More About Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Youth Fitness Program in School This 2016

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In recent years the rate of childhood obesity in the United States has increased more than three times. The Let’s Move Program inspired by Michelle Obama has brought attention to the fact that practically every third child in America is considered overweight or obese.

Let’s move is a program implemented by Michelle Obama in order to improve the health of children and fight childhood obesity. The First Lady herself, has participated in the life style and exercise routines she has promoted. The aim if the program is for all children to be healthier and thus be able to achieve their goals and dreams.

Well Defined Strategy

The Let’s Move! program has a very well defined strategy and a common sense approach. The program is designed to guide children from a very early age to make healthy choices to ensure a future in which their goals and desires can be fulfilled.

It is also designed to guide parents by providing beneficial information in order to give them the tools they need to encourage a healthy environment. Since the onset of the program an initiative has gained momentum to offer healthier foods in public schools and to make certain that all families have a way to obtain healthy foods.

Primary Objectives

The primary objectives of the program are outlined in detail on the Let’s Move website. The basic perimeters of the program are listed below:

  • Give a healthy start to children
  • Give more decision-making power to parents and caregivers
  • Provide healthy school meals
  • Increase access to healthy foods at a lower price
  • Increase physical activity

The program suggests that we all have a part in lessening childhood obesity. This includes not only you and me but political officials, school and health professionals and even religious and non government agencies.

How You Can Help

You can help in the battle against childhood obesity by learning along with your family about the Body Mass Index (BMI). Also, continue to stress how important it is to eat healthy foods and have a regular exercise program.

 Body Mass Index

When a person is obese it means that there is excess fat in the body. Since this can not easily be measured by traditional methods, the BMI is a method that has been developed in order to measure scientifically is a person is overweight or even obese.

Different Factors Considered

BMI measures result from several different factors. The weight relative to the height of an individual along with the age and sex are all factored into a persons BMI.  The Body Mass Index is not an absolute indicator of obesity but it is beneficial for those in the public health field as it establishes guidelines to consider.

Why Beneficial

BMI can be used as a method to determine if a child is susceptible to specific health problems.  Being  overweight is not the same for children and teens as it is for adults. Children are still growing, and developing at different rates.

Let’s Move!

In summary, the Let’s Move Program inspired by Michelle Obama has done much to inform the public about the dangers of childhood obesity but has also offered the solution to the problem by giving guidelines and support to provide healthy meals and a regular program of fun exercise to young and old alike.