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Obama Announces an Education Program For Black Youths & Benefits of This Program

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According to President Obama, young blacks and Latinos are more likely to grow up without a father, have a higher rate of unemployment and poverty as adults, be killed or go through the court system.

On Feb.. 27, 2014  President Obama launched a plan to promote the development and opportunities for those that are prone to school failure and delinquency. The program is known as “My Brothers Keeper” and its intent is to close the gap of opportunity for young men and women of color.

Call to Action

Obama made a call to action for foundations, corporations, religious, philanthropic and community groups, and government agencies to join efforts in order to increase opportunities for education and employment.

Center for Latin American Youth (LAYC)

The Center for Latin American Youth (LAYC),  in the heart of the Latin Quarter in Washington, embodies the promises of the initiative, in which nine foundations have pledged at least $ 200 million over the next five years in social programs, in addition to the $ 150 million already have invested in these endeavors.

Program Concepts

The program seeks to help individuals improve their self esteem along with practical steps needed to function in the education and business world. Such things as learning to prepare a resume and how to dress for an interview are part of concepts learned. The program focuses on the following 6 steps:

  • Getting an early start, entering school ready to learn
  • Reading by third grade
  • Graduating and plans for college
  • Post secondary education
  • Entering the workforce
  • Second Chances

The initiative seeks to continue beyond Obama’s presidency, and will cover areas such as early childhood education, parent involvement, disciplinary reforms, and economic opportunities for social advancement of young people.


Funding for this program is primarily from the private sector with more than $200 million already being promised from private organizations, corporations and philanthropists.  It’s not a program that one applies for in order to take advantage of its benefits. Rather, it is a program of awareness so that more opportunities open up to minorities.

Not a Government Program

As stated earlier, this is not a government program that is funded or financially backed by the government but rather it is an initiative much like Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Program. Outside sources are encouraged to support and play a role in the initiative. Everyone from teachers, parents and big corporations are encouraged to get involved in order to achieve the desired result.

My Brothers Keeper

There are many chapters of My Brothers Keeper throughout the United States. You can get involved by becoming a mentor in order to assist a minority individual or you can donate your time, resources or skills to aid and train willing people.

Benefits of Minority Education Programs

These obama programs are very beneficial for any young minority that wants to get the best education possible. Thanks to these special Obama programs, this is easily made possible and it provides solutions for all those trying to reach out.